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We Offer An Exclusive Experience


A defiant brand that does not hide its Guilty Pleasure for its design lovers.

We create unique pieces of design for design lovers.


Customer service

We want to be guilty and to give a sensorial experience to our clients.

decades of Production

Our production team has over 40 years of experience and works with the latest technology to ensure quality in every product.


We have the best partners to provide a secure shipping around the world.

BESPOKE & customization

We can design and produce exclusively for you, with a spicy flavor.


We provide special conditions for interior design studios and showrooms.

Online Catalogue

We offer more than 100 unique products combining different environments. Download now the full MainGUILTY Catalogue and get to know the complete collection and inspirations.

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We Are Arriving Mars

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For MainGUILTY nothing is impossible, and our passion for challenges always leads us to set our eyes on the future.

With a trip scheduled to Mars, in July 2026, MainGUILTY will become the first furniture brand in space exploration.

‘’One small step for MainGUILTY one big step for humanity’’

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Exhibitions Around the World

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January 2023
Paris, France
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September 2022
Marbella, Spain
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September 2022
London, England
Main | MainGUILTY
September 2022
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Main | MainGUILTY
June 2022
Milan, Italy
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May 2022
Dubai, UAE
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March, 2022
Main | MainGUILTY
April, 2022
Main | MainGUILTY
April, 2022
Main | MainGUILTY
December, 2021

What Our Customers are Saying

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Because in MainGUILTY
Everything is Art

Because it’s our policy to deliver to our customers all over the world safely and quickly.

But if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it our way. All shipping boxes are personalised by hand and a surprise box.

They are unique and special. Create your own collection of MainGUILTY boxes.