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In 1869 in Australia, the biggest golden nugget of all time was discovered, and until today, no bigger golden nugget was ever found. (Approx. 62cm)

MainGUILTY presents the “Welcome Stranger Desk” from another perspective, with the same motivation for discovery, luck and hard work, capable of arousing curiosity in any office.

Find the artistic side to your projects. Combining Art & Design in each masterpiece and providing a unique identity in any environment.

A strong and exclusive identity, which takes you to a timeless duality, combining craftsmanship production with technology.

Gifted by a guilty spirit, MainGUILTY is always looking for alternatives to optimize the 5 senses in all collections.


Additional information


W 185 Cm, 72.8 In
D 150 Cm, 59.1 In
H 75 Cm, 29.5 In


Black Lacquer, Metallic Gold, Molded Resin Filled with Expandable

Clean & Care

Dry Cloth


Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors

*No account needed


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