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Phidias was a famous sculptor in ancient Greece and considered the father of idealistic sculpture. 

If in Egypt, sculpture was represented statically, in ancient Greece, this movement emerges as a form of greatness. They were represented with no imperfections and were always depicted as youngsters, in order to highlight the divine character. (650-600 BC.)

MainGUILTY rediscovers many of the fragmented Greek works, lost over the last centuries, and offers a new form of expression.  

The Brand has created a double meaning in Anthea, combining the Japanese proverb of the three Wise Monkeys, “as hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil” with the culture of Greek sculpture, offering an accent piece of art in any environment.

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W 87 Cm, 31.2 In
D 60 Cm, 23.6 In
H 60 Cm, 23.6 In

W 71 Cm, 27.9 In
D 56 Cm, 22 In
H 85 Cm, 33.5 In

W 75 Cm, 29.5 In
D 56 Cm, 22 In
H 75 Cm, 29.5 In


Molded Resin Filled with Expandable, Stone Finish

Clean & Care

Dry Cloth


Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors

*No account needed