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Last 28 May, MainGUILTY presented the Vesuvio sideboard at the "Build your house" in Qatar. The piece showcased is inspired by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius causing the disappearance of the city of Pompeii in the year 79 in Italy. Its Gold leaf finish contrasts with the high gloss black, offering a combination of materials of excellence and refinement. In the year in which Qatar will host the World Cup, the impact of MainGUILTY's collection in the Middle East has been noticeable and relevant, being an ever-expanding market, the Brand is positioned to win over design lovers in the Middle East. Its

After the presentation of the brand at ExpoCoruña, the exhibition at the Furniture Museum in Paços de Ferreira, and the 'Build Your House' showcase in Qatar, MainGUILTY is once again showing great mastery, now with the exhibition of one of its most iconic pieces in the heart of the city of Porto, Portugal.  Anthea Console can now be visited at Armazém, a vintage store, with a space dedicated to the exhibition of art. It is the perfect place for those looking to relax and drink good wine. Anthea in Exhibition at Armazém, Porto Armazém was highlighted by the prestigious American newspaper New York

Qatar will host the third edition of the "Build Your House" exhibition, organized by Qatari NeXTfairs Company, after two extremely successful editions. The showcase, whose focus is to support the citizens of Qatar and the surrounding area to design, build and renovate houses and private housing projects, will be attended by MainGUILTY in the next edition, are you ready for what is coming? Build Your House Exhibition 2021 - Abu Issa Holding The event, in addition to having a showcase area, where the inhabitants of Qatar can have access to several important aspects about what to talk about in the decoration of

Born to challenge the design era, with a fresh, appealing, artistic, and unique aesthetic, MainGUILTY emerged in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Resulting from the fusion between art and design, and with a bold, striking, spicy, provoking, and pragmatic character, this brand promises to be the missing key to today’s design.  We interviewed the brand’s founders, Luís Leão, Founder and CEO of MainGUILTY, and Carlos Mello, Creative Director and Founder of the brand, who revealed to us the secrets of this company that is taking its first steps towards a presentation to the public. After ten months of hard

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