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Born in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the founders were challenged to create a new design era. Based on the 5 senses, it offers smell, touch, taste, vision and hearing to a world full of guilty pleasures.

The brand collections are based on the storytelling of the brand creators’ personal experiences, and the guilty way they perceive the world. They provide desire, exclusivity and pleasure through all the pieces.

MainGUILTY indulging your senses, awaking your desires and embracing the pleasure of a new design era.

Our story


Our story



MainGUILTY is the fusion of design and art.

Born and raised in national furniture production, His vision is to break up the market, creating a chilly and guilty collection, which is generally seen as rather uncommon, strange and unspoken. Mello created this brand for the ones who like to live their life on the edge, with no concern for other people’s opinions. A mix of sensuality and seduction.

MainGUILTY aspire to take the “Made in Portugal” imprint to the biggest cities on earth, reinforcing our support to artisans and forgotten techniques.

Focused on satisfying our customers, we intend to offer design pieces, filled with stories, with the best quality, capable of creating environments stuffed with strong stimulus.

Design is my way to redesign the world and MainGUILTY is the new world created based in impossibles.
Carlos Mello

Our story

What We Do

We aspire to create a world of guilty pleasures that captivate and inspire, exclusively for you to savor and celebrate.

MainGUILTY is a furniture brand for interiors. Combining Art & Design in each masterpiece and providing a unique identity in any environment.

Offers over 100 unique pieces of art, capable of capturing and stimulating the 5 senses through their small details.

A strong and exclusive identity, which takes you to a timeless duality, combining craftsmanship production with technology.

Providing storytelling and taking you on a trip to the seductive world of furniture, lighting, rugs and décor.

Our story


Gifted by a guilty spirit, MainGUILTY is always looking for alternatives to optimize the 5 senses in all collections.

We are looking for the best artisans and how to potentialize forgotten techniques. Our passion is to provide a mix of classic craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. 

Our guilty pleasure is to show the world and highlight all the artisans, who made our unique pieces. Always searching for new materials, textures, smells and flavors that are part of an irresistible world.