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Symbol of rest and comfort, the pillow is synonymous with a well-deserved rest.  

But the pillow can be seen as the innocent and imaginary side of a child that asks for all his misunderstood wishes. 

We all have a child inside us, with countless fantasies and illusions. 

The Sideboard “Pillow” presents the more imaginative side of the brand, which provides an irreverent and illusory product, from its top part with soft and delicate shapes surrounded by straight and upright tubes. 

Is this the innocent side of MainGUILTY?

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W 186 Cm, 73,2 In
D 62 Cm, 24,4 In
H 85 Cm, 33,4 In

Clean & Care

Dry Cloth


Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Metal, Molded Resin Filled with Expandable, Wood

*No account needed