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Mello Meets Martyn Lawrence Bullard at Decorex, London

Last week, from October 8th to 11th, MainGUILTY made its presence felt at the international trade fair DECOREX in London.
The brand’s booth was graced by the presence of various professionals from the sector, with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a renowned interior designer for global celebrities such as Elton John, Tommy Hilfiger, Winnie Harlow, and the Kardashians, particularly highlighting the quality and innovation in the collection presented by the artist Carlos Mello.

DECOREX was established in 1978 as a platform for high-end interior design professionals to convene and conduct business. Over time, our mission has evolved to align with the changing needs of our industry. For 45 years, we have hosted Europe’s premier interior design event, and we eagerly anticipate our return to Olympia London next October for a celebration of design in all its forms.
Over the course of four days, the creative director, Carlos Mello, challenged all the professionals who visited the fair to explore the concept behind the UnderPressure collection.

The technique behind this collection was developed in 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, the artist Mello was in the process of creating a collection for his furniture brand, MainGUILTY. A rough sketch on loose paper evolved into an abstract and seemingly nonsensical shape. One night, during a bout of insomnia, Mello envisioned the entire production process for that piece, although no one dared to produce his sketch. With his knowledge of production, he ventured to see the technique through to completion with great success. He first introduced this technique in a piece from his brand in London and later in Dubai in 2023. Mello guarantees that it is impossible to replicate his pieces, meaning that there cannot be two identical pieces, which leads him to present all the pieces in the collection as unique works of art.

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