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Directly from the most beautiful coast in the Mediterranean, Naples is the center of Italian gastronomy.

In 1889, by the hands of pizzaiolo Raffaelle Esposito, he created Pizza Margherita in honor of Queen Margarida de Savoie for having found a solution to return water to the city.

In 2021, MainGUILTY recreates a world’s gastronomy icon to highlight the unprecedented discovery, a century and a half later, combining the desire and temptation of a good Margherita.

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W 110 Cm, 43.3 In
D 110 Cm, 43.3 In
H 41 Cm, 16.1 In


Black Lacquer, Metallic Gold, Molded Resin Filled with Expandable

Clean & Care

Dry Cloth


Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors

*No account needed


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