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MainGUILTY will be the first Furniture Brand in Mars

MainGUILTY presents itself as the first furniture brand on the way to Mars. In 2026 it will head towards the red planet, and leave its name eternally marked. This is a small step for MainGUILTY, but a big step for humanity.

The motto is the journey, however, for those most curious about the event, MainGUILTY with its thought beyond planet earth, will take the name on a rocket to Mars. The idea of combining art with design made the brand want to innovate, and take its spicy touch to the ends of the universe.

Cape Canaveral, Air Force Station, Florida USA, Earth

The launch is scheduled for July 2026 at Cape Canaveral, Air Force Station, Florida, Earth. This is a turning point for the furniture brand! Mars is assumed to be a source of inspiration for its collections, believing that human courage and bravery are far greater than a dream. This is a small step for MainGUILTY, but a big step for humanity.

Boarding Pass of MainGUILTY

Discover below the MainGUILTY products inspired by Mars:

Mars Ball Chair

MainGUILTY positions itself as the first furniture brand in Mars exploration.

The Mars Ball Chair is inspired by the organic and futuristic vision that the brand has for space exploration, believing that the future passes through an approach to new planets and new ways of living.

A unique design element, capable of drawing attention to the surroundings of any space.

W 100 Cm, 39.3 In x D 90 Cm, 35.4 In x H 120 Cm, 47.2 In

Rocket Mirror

In 1610, the Italian Galileo Galilei was the first to observe Mars through a telescope. Four centuries later, space exploration became the main focus among millionaires. 

MainGUILTY positioned itself at the forefront of expansion to the red planet, designing the “Rocket” as a symbol of the force exerted by the spacecraft thrusters. There are “only” 57.6 million kilometers separating Mars from Planet Earth.

One small step for MainGUILTY, one big step for humanity.

W 120 Cm, 47.2 In x D 10 Cm, 3.9 In x H 120 Cm, 47.2 In

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