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MainGUILTY on the grand stage of Maison et Objet Paris 2023

The fabulous event in January, Maison et Objet 2023 is coming, and with it, a special presence: for the first time, MainGUILTY will exhibiting on the big stage in Paris.

After a strong presence in 2022 in the Middle East, Spain, and United Kingdom, the time has come to show the trends for the new year in the heart of Europe.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us from the 19th to the 23rd of January in Hall 6 in the Portuguese Quartier, where you can find the iconic Anthea Console, see the new version of the Apollo Console and the presentation of the Atlantis Mirror II.

Anthea Console

Phidias was a famous sculptor in ancient Greece and considered the father of idealistic sculpture.
If in Egypt, the sculpture was represented statically, in ancient Greece, this movement emerges as a form of greatness. They were represented with no imperfections and were always depicted as youngsters, in order to highlight the divine character. (650-600 BC.)
MainGUILTY rediscovers many of the fragmented Greek works, lost over the last centuries, and offers a new form of expression.
The Brand has created a double meaning in Anthea, combining the Japanese proverb of the three Wise Monkeys, “as hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil” with the culture of Greek sculpture, offering an accent piece of art in any environment.

Anthea Maison et Objet
Anthea Console

Atlantis Mirror

Inspired by the legend of the Atlantis lost city, this mirror is a unique piece of decoration.
A ruin removed from the God Poseidon home brings a dazzling golden touch to your space.

ATLANTIS-II Maison et Objet
Atlantis II Mirror

Apollo Console

Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was described as the sun and light of truth. Considered by many, the most beautiful and most powerful of Olympus, known as the God of Beauty
MainGUILTY recreates the importance of the Gods and perpetuates their divine history. We believe that a protected environment provides a space of long divinity and beauty.

Apollo Console

Also, take this moment to schedule a meeting with us, and learn more about the history of MainGUILTY and we will be pleased to offer you our catalog.

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