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MainGUILTY at the London Design Festival

September is a promising month for MainGUILTY lovers. After attendance at the Index fair in Saudi Arabia in the beginning of the month, the hummingbird flies this time with its chili to the London Design Festival which celebrates and promotes the English city as the world capital of design. This will be the 20th Anniversary Edition and will take place from September 17-25, 2022.

London Design is the ideal place for lovers of design and creativity. Since its inception in 2003, it has played a key role in the growth of the design industry, strengthening London’s position as a global destination for business, culture, and tourism, and contributing to the UK’s reputation as a creative powerhouse.

In 2019, it reached 1.1 million visits per 600,000 visitors, with more than a third of them from abroad, representing 75 countries. In addition, the 2019 Festival contributed an estimated £118 million in GVA to London’s economy, 2,992 FTE jobs, and a much-needed platform for over 2,500 businesses.

Apolo | Console

MainGUILTY brings great news to this fair, presenting for the first time the APOLLO CONSOLE from the Champagne Collection.

You can find out a little more about the storytelling of this iconic piece:

”Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was described as the sun and light of truth. Considered by many, the most beautiful and most powerful of Olympus, known as the God of Beauty

MainGUILTY recreates the importance of the Gods and perpetuates their divine history. We believe that a protected environment provides a space of long divinity and beauty’’.

Under Pressure | Wall Accessories

The Under Pressure Wall Accessory will also be present, a piece shown for the first time in December 2021 at ExpoCoruña in Spain.

Know a little more about its history:

‘’In addition to creating unique experiences, MainGUILTY designs pieces of art capable of standing out in any environment.

Under Pressure is a wall accessory that raises noble materials to the fullest.

The natural shine of stainless steel is polished to the highest standards in order to achieve a mirror-like effect.

It is impossible to replicate it in the same way, always obtaining unique and personalized movements for each piece.”

The Founder Of MainGUILTY | Luís Leão & Carlos Mello

London will also be pleased to see the founders of MainGUILTY present some of their work, such as the statue aphrodite and the 1693 HandBag Catania created by Carlos Mello Creative Director and founder of MainGUILTY, and two paintings by Luís Leão CEO and founder of MainGUILTY.

A special reference also to the ”Malagueta” created by the Portuguese artist Julia Côta who accompanies MainGUILTY in several exhibitions.

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