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2022 was a bombastic year for MainGUILTY, with a presence at Build Your House Qatar, Hotel Show Dubai, Hotel Show Riyadh, Export Home Porto, and London Design and Design Week Marbella showcases.

But to end the year, we could not fail to be present in the incredible city of Porto at the 58th edition of the ‘Capital do Móvel’ event, the largest furniture and decoration fair in Portugal, which will take place from the 26th of November to the 4th of December.

Apollo Console

At this fair, we decided to exhibit the Apollo Console, a piece that had an impressive acceptance in London.

Get to know some inspiration for this piece:
”Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo was described as the sun and light of truth. Considered by many, the most beautiful and most powerful of Olympus, known as the God of Beauty
MainGUILTY recreates the importance of the Gods and perpetuates their divine history. We believe a protected environment provides a space of long divinity and beauty’’.

We also suggest a visit to one of the most emblematic spaces in Porto, Armazém 93, where you can find antique and vintage stores, a space dedicated to art exhibitions, and where you can enjoy a good Portuguese wine.

Anthea Console at the Armazme, Oporto

Furthermore, we are exhibiting in that same space one of MainGUILTY’s Bestsellers, Anthea Console, a piece that has had a strong presence in the Middle East market.

Know more about the inspiration of the piece:
”Phidias was a famous sculptor in Ancient Greece and considered the father of idealistic sculpture.
If in Egypt, the sculpture was represented statically, in Ancient Greece, this movement emerged as a form of greatness. They were characterized with no imperfections and were always depicted as youngsters, in order to highlight their divine character. (650-600 BC.)
MainGUILTY rediscovers many of the fragmented Greek works, lost over the last centuries, and offers a new form of expression.
The Brand has created a double meaning in Anthea, combining the Japanese proverb of the three Wise Monkeys, “to hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil” with the culture of Greek sculpture, offering an accent piece of art in any environment ”.

If you are in Porto on these dates, don’t miss this opportunity to visit these two spaces, walk along the Douro River and feel the pleasures of the undefeated city.

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