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MainGUILTY is aware that mother nature is the engine of everything that surrounds us.

To draw attention to climatic variations, caused by the human being, the brand developed the Broken Lamp, inspired by the soils desertification phenomenon, caused by the depletion and decrease of humidity in sandy soils.

The UN has declared the 17th of June as the World Day to Combat Desertification. 

The Broken lamp, beyond its main message, becomes a piece of design identity, which is strong and imposing in any location.

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W 50 Cm, 19.7 In
D 50 Cm, 19.7 In
H 50 Cm, 19.7 In


Gold Plated Brass, Metallic Gold

Clean & Care

Dry Cloth


Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors

*No account needed


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